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Power Probe USA

In 1991 Power Probe emerged from one simple idea: "Make the Ultimate Circuit Tester"

From the very first Power Probe Circuit Tester, it was evident that we had invented something unique. It didn’t take long for the Power Probe to become an industry standard for diagnosing andprobing DC electrical circuit.

Year after year we have made improvements to our tools. We listen to our customers and with Power Probe’s desire to serve the technician, it has guided us to provide information, service and product tools that are a MUST for every mechanic.

Power Probe is a company dedicated to the creation of innovative, easy to use diagnostic equipment for the automotive industry. We strive to improve upon everything we do and our Power Probe line of devices reflects this as it continues to grow in an effort to meet the increasingly complex needs of today's automotive technician.

In keeping with our dedication to innovation we were recently very proud to release our new Power Probe device "The Hook". This new product revolutionizes the idea of what a circuit tester can do. You can happily say goodbye to a myriad of other testing tools once you make use of "The Hook".

Power Probe is located in Brea, California where we manufacture our Power Probe line as well as design our future products. If you would like to know more about us, give us feedback on our products or have any questions feel free to stop by our offices, send us an email or give us a call — we love hearing from our customers!

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