The Hook, By Power Probe


Diagnosing electrical faults can be a difficult job, Not anymore


Introducing the power probe hook, making the elimination process of electrical fault finding easy. The the power probe hook, allows you to supply system voltage or a preset reference voltage, &/or earths to components form 12 - 48 volts and current flow from 2 to a whopping 65 amps with its own internal adjustable circuit breaker.

The Hook is Smart

Efficient and accurate electrical diagnosis is a must. It works right along with you while testing electrical circuits by automatically switching to the appropriate tool. When the Hook senses resistance, it displays ohms, When it senses voltage it displays volts, and when you need power to a component, it's right there with you, ready to apply as much as 99 amps at the press of a switch, while displaying current flow.

The Hook is Easy

Battery powered with a 20 foot / 6 meter lead Its large backlit LCD screen shows 2 lines of data that makes it easy to read your test measurements. Thanks to The Hooks probe tip and earth clap, its simple to start testing straight away. It also uses 4mm banana plug so you can use lead sets for testing in tight spaces.

The Hook is smart

It automatically selects the measurement instrument for the job, If it detects continuity to ground, it becomes an ohmmeter, measuring 0 to 15 Mega ohms. If it detects voltage it becomes an voltmeter, measuring 0 to 99 volts. If it detects AC voltage it becomes an AC voltmeter and displays the measured frequency, measuring 0 to 99 volts and 250KHz and beyond.

The right tool, right when you need it.

The Hook is powerful

The Power Probe Hook delivers more power. It activates motors and components up to 100 amps inrush and can power 25 amps to a circuit continuously. Not only does it supply battery power to components, but also displays the current draw in amps and resistance in ohms. You can determine if motors are sticking or are in the beginning stages of going bad by capturing and displaying maximum inrush current. Just power up the component and read the display. The Hook is used by serious, no-nonsense technicians that just need to fix vehicles faster and smarter.

Work smarter, NOT harder

Power Features of the power probe

The hook measures

  • Min max voltage
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Resistance
  • Peak to Peak Voltage
  • Frequency
  • Positive and Negative Pulse width
  • Duty Cycle


Made by power probe USA, The Hook Kit includes

  • Power Probe The Hook
  • Battery Clamps
  • Break Out Cable
  • Padded Cary Case
  • Operation Manual
  • Training DVD

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