Mechanical Failure Collection of 2012

31-Dec-2012 Big Con Rod Failure

Big Bent Con Rod

VR38DETT Engine Failure

The Results of over boosting a VR38DETT $35,000 crate motor in a 2010 Nissan GT-R

Stunning SST engine failure causing smoke rings that burst into flames

2003 SVT Focus bent valves

Tow-in 2003 Ford Focus, valve to piston introduction.

Nissan GTR 3rd Gear Failure

Case flex causing 3rd and 4th gears to come out of mesh in a 450awhp Nissan gt35r

TA500 Smartach COP Multisystem Ignition Analyser

TA500: Wireless Tachometer & Ignition Analyser

$342.60 $639.22
Sale Simple to use, the TA500 is a stand alone tool requiring no special adapters, it shows coil and spark plug voltage, spark burn time, RPM, as well as Min/Max readings in real time.

Severe Battery Terminal Corrosion

There is a battery in there somewhere? VW battery corrosion

Tid bit : The cables copper (ii) sulfate and terminals iron (ii) sulfate, due to galvanic corrosion between lead and iron in the presence of sulfuric acid, that is, lead gets converted to lead sulfate, which interacts with iron to produce lead oxide and iron (ii) sulfate.

toyota 4runner, never had an oil change

A 1999 Toyota 4Runner import, customer had it since 2004, and has done over 80,000k's without a single service. The car came in because the PCV block up and blew out the front seals.

car came in rough idle

Came in the rough idle

broken throwout bearing shaft

Clutch pedal was rock solid, box out to reveal a broken throwout bearing shaft

Mazda CX-9 Engine Failure

A 2012 Mazda Cx-9 with 1132 k's, Tow in, Removed pan to find an valve in the pan and bits of piston peeking at us through the bore

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03 Hyundai Sonata Timing Belt Wear

Drove in and reported an intermittent stalling issue, found it had a crank angle sensor signal error... and this, 178,000 ks on original timing belt

Rotor Below minimum thickness

I think this might be below minimum thickness

230,000 k's out of a toyota hi-lux

Built Toyota Tough, 231,000 k's out of this Hi-Lux clutch

Pregnat Tyre

Tyre failure, never seen one this bad before

Timing Belt Failure

Timing Belt Failure

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Carbon Buildup on vlauves running on natural gas

Carbon build up from stationary plant engine running on natural gas

Bent con rod fro a nitro RC car

A bent con rod from a .15cc RC Nitrous Car, A little big failure

Timing belt failure smashes valve into cylinder head and piston

Not a free spinning motor, Timing belt failure

Worn Cam severe

Worn out cam

Brake Rotor Failure

"What do you mean it wont pass roadworthy ?"

FF310 Fault Finder Electrical Open and Short Fault Finder \ Fault Tracer

FF310 Open and Short Circuit Tracer / Fault Finder

$321.44 $343.66
Sale featured-product Makes finding circuit faults easy allowing the repairer to trace the circuit to the fault, operates on circuits ranging from 6 to 42 volts with adjustable sensitivity for all situations.

Clutch Failure

Clutch plate self destruct mode activated

BMW 2002 driveline coupling failure

2002 BMW drive line coupling failure

drilling rig shaft failure

710 mm shaft with a 35mm key failure on a drill rig, It fusion welded itself to the shaft and kept spinning afterwards.

Piston meets valve engine fail

Car stalled and wont restart

Tyre with broken belt

Heat soak failure causing self destruct and excess of 200k RPM.

TMX-589 TMX Meter Kit

Tech Meter Kit

$376.20 $488.99
Sale new-product TMX-589 - Professional Grade True RMS Digital Mulitmeter - CATIII 1000V safety rating - Safe for use on Hybrids - Waterproof to IP67 Standards LOADpro - Loads the circuit to find corrosion and resistance in the wiring - fast diagnosis - OEM approved tool - patented method can't be accomplished by Power Probe FET Book - 200 pgs of Fundamental Elecrical Troubleshooting tips and insight A must have for any technician beginning or advanced Training DVD - One hour of multimeter training and advice on many aspects of electrical troubleshooting by Dan Sullivan - leading electrical trainer Compass - Used for Alternator and solenoid diagnostics

3rd gear failure in lexus is300

2003 IS300 with 200,000 k's customer claims, was not making any noise previously and was just pulling onto the freeway, and then . BANG!.

Tyre Failure Eggs

Not a failure you see every day. Run flat damage caused by low tyre pressure

s14 240sx transmission output shaft failure

S14 240sx 450hp with a gearbox designed for 150hp, Transmission output shaft critical failure.

wornout brake rotor

Don't think I will need the verniers

hydraulic lock bent con rod

Hydraulic lock bent con rod from a cold air intake mounted in the lower front grill (puddle sucker)

Worn out brake rotor

Worn out brake rotor, Metal to metal,then metal to vent

IPA8040 Diamond Grip Terminal Cleaner Kit

Diamond Grip Terminal Cleaner Kit

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Sale new-product 3-Piece Professional Series Diamond Grip Terminal Cleaners feature highly-durable and abrasive coatings for cleaning and removing corrosion from connections and terminals.


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