How the LoadPro Test Leads Work / Make Diagnosing Easier


If you are looking for information on how the LoadPro Dynamic Test Leads work, you have come to the right place. Our website has loads of different formats that explain just how the LoadPro Test Leads work, and why they are so useful when connected to your multimeter.

First off, check out the YouTube video, put together by the maker of the LoadPro - Dan Sullivan. In the video he explains how the LoadPro Test Leads work and features a real world mechanic using the LoadPro for the first time. The video goes for 10mins.

We have also put together a PDF that explains how there are only 3 faults you can find in a wire - Short Circuit, Open Circuit and High Resistance - and goes on to explain how the LoadPro Test Leads enable you to accurately rule these in or out, when performing an auto electrical diagnostic test.

PDF - Performing a dynamic voltage drop test / How the LoadPro Test Leads work

Finally, if you still don't know enough, there is also plenty of information on the LoadPro Dynamic Test Leads Product Page. You can also call us up - (07) 3281 7889 - The guys here at OLCT are highly skilled automotive technicians, and will be able to tell you want you need to know.

There is also plenty of more general information on electrical fault finding on our YouTube Channel, and we are always adding new videos.

We at OLCT are all about providing excellent information. If there is something useful that is not on our website, let us know

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Article by Jonathan Keller


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