Dan Sullivan Fundamental Electrical Trouble Shooting Book, -Interview with the author


We ask Dan Sullivan, Arthur of Fundamental Electrical Trouble Shooting, the a list of questions you requested we ask.

  • Ben from New South Wales asks : How long did it take you to write the book?
  • Mark from Victoria asks : What has been the greatest transformation you have seen in Electrical Fault Finding skills from the owner of your book ?
  • Clive from the Northern Territory asks : How exactly did you formulate the voltmeter only approach to electrical fault finding?
  • Gary from Queensland asks : During your time as a technician, did you practice your method of Electrical Fault Finding ?
  • Simon from Queensland asks ? : What recourses did you use to hone your skills to this level?
  • Martin form New South Wales asks : Is there a Fundamental Electrical Trouble Shooting II on the horizon?
  • Justin form Queensland asks : Who is the girl that regularly appears in the illustrations in your book?


No Very

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