Dan Sullivan Electrical Training Webcast



Setting the stage for further online training, Dan Sullivan is set to provide a webcast covering the electrical diagnostic philosophies that he has developed over the years.

  • TMX-589 TMX Meter Kit

    Tech Meter Kit

    $376.20 $488.99
    Sale new-product TMX-589 - Professional Grade True RMS Digital Mulitmeter - CATIII 1000V safety rating - Safe for use on Hybrids - Waterproof to IP67 Standards LOADpro - Loads the circuit to find corrosion and resistance in the wiring - fast diagnosis - OEM approved tool - patented method can't be accomplished by Power Probe FET Book - 200 pgs of Fundamental Elecrical Troubleshooting tips and insight A must have for any technician beginning or advanced Training DVD - One hour of multimeter training and advice on many aspects of electrical troubleshooting by Dan Sullivan - leading electrical trainer Compass - Used for Alternator and solenoid diagnostics
  • 180 LoadPro Dynamic Test Leads

    LoadPro Dynamic Test Leads

    $99.34 $113.82
    Sale featured-product LoadPro test leads plug into you digital multimeter to check the voltage. By loading the circuit making a voltage drop test you can quickly determine what the problems is. watch our training video for guidance.
  • 60660 Deluxe Relay Test Kit

    Deluxe Relay Test Kit

    $298.45 $0.00
    Sale new-product No need to pierce wires or connect multiple jumper wires. Also Includes Test Lead Kit for easily and securely connecting Relay Test Jumpers to a multimeter. Jumper wire may be used between common and open to close the relay circuit for testing and has a test port to easily check voltage. Also provides access for a clamp-on amp meter. Relay Puller Pliers easily remove electrical relays without damage to the relay or electrical box.


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