Customer Failure Collection of 2012

31-Dec-2012 2000 A6 Lower Control Arm Wear Due to poor driving

Customer brings in a 2000 Audi A6 tells me his wife drives up the footpath the wrong way up a one way street because it's easier to get into the garage, she mentioned there is a scraping sound every so often... she wont be doing it too much longer.

Sprak Plug used as sump plug, DIY Fail

Customer recently purchased this Honda, brought it in for a RWC.

Alternator repair buy customer fail

Woman pulled into the driveway saying her husband had assured her he had sorted the belt noise, she just wanted it double checked... nice zip tie buddy

customer says tures are fine

Customer insisted that the tyres were fine, as they had all come new with the car. The car was a 2008 model with 130,000km on it.

Honestly my brakes just started grinding the other day

"Brakes just started grinding the other day"

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Customer Finds solution for a smelly car

Customers kids split milk on the back seat, this was their solution.


Genius customer covers speedo with sticker, am i speeding, am i too slow ? the bunny looks happy so i must be right.


Last person to service this engine, thought it would be an awesome idea to bypass the oil filter.

Leave the dead bird on my car please

Noticed this on a vehicle we serviced, when we asked the customer about it, he said "Thanks Captain Jack Sparrow, he comes everywhere with me"

Boyracers one wheel burout weapon

Only the right front, other side was perfect of this boy racers one wheel burnout machine

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Customer tried to change his own oil filter

I know what your thinking, and no, that's the seal from the new oil filter

customer drove over a matterss, wrapped around tail shaft

Vehicle drove over a mattress on the highway

Brakes only just started squeeling really

"They just started squealing a few days ago. Figured I better get them checked"

Radiator support repaired by customer, fail

Came in for a service with the customers unique repair job on the radiator support mount

Indicator stalk repair

No, its a nice job mate, but maybe we should just replace the indicator stalk

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Brkaes only just started scraping

No, yeah, they only just started scraping the other.. .. . month

radiator repair fail

Customer said we are thieves for saying his radiator need replacing, "I just paid my neighbor to fix it"

Customers version of guard repair

Customers version of panel beating

Exhaust Repair

Customers exhaust repair.. what is that burning smell

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