Mityvac MV7400 Fluid / Oil Extractor


Mityvac 7.3 L Fluid Evacuator

Vacuum is created quickly and efficiently by manual pump operation, offering superior mobility by eliminating the need for electricity or compressed air. The MV7400 is ideal for draining fluids from reservoirs on boats, RVs, ATVs, snowmobiles, farm equipment or motorcycles. Includes accessories for draining engine oil or transmission fluid directly through the dipstick tubes.

  • Convenient manual pump operation
  • Integrated 7.3 liter capacity reservoir
  • Large base with foot stabilizer
  • Durable, chemical resistant polyethylene construction
  • Automatic overflow prevention
  • Quick-drain pour spout
  • Perfect for :
    • Draining engine oil via the dipstick tube. carry out quick and easy lubrication / intermediate services.
    • Filling difficult to access service items, Gearbox, Diff.
    • Draining and refilling reservoirs

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