Uview Phazer UV LED light05-Jun-2013

TRUE UV LED RECHARGEABLE UV LIGHT UV PHAZER Ture UV LED rechargeable light delivers EXTREME PERFORMANCE at OUTSTANDING VALUE The phazer has raised the UV leak detection bar once again with..

The Hook, By Power Probe31-May-2013

Diagnosing electrical faults can be a difficult job, Not anymore THE HOOK POWER PROBE USA (/power-probe/the-hook) Introducing the power probe hook, making the elimination process of electr..

Lisle Terminal Removal Tool Kit23-May-2013

Set of Three Terminal Tools and Handle for Removing Wires from Terminals Without Damage. Terminal tools work on conventional terminals as well as Pack-Con and Weather-Pack terminals found on m..

GTC FF310 "Fox and Hound" Short and Open Circuit Fault Finder / Wire Tracer Advert02-Apr-2013

(http://www.olct.co/LiteratureRetrieve.aspx?ID=122786) You may have seen our full page "Fox and Hound" advertising in recent issues of some automotive magazines like "The Automotive Technicia..

Single Channel Scope -Coming Soon- 27-Mar-2013

Single Channel Portable Pocket Sized Oscilloscope Coming soon, here's a teaser to our new ultra portable, single channel scope with loaded presets and PC connectivity Portable and fast ..

Ducati Corse Illuminated Mac Sticker21-Nov-2012

Ducati Corse sticker for Macbook Laptops, Specifically desigend to mask the "apple" laptop logo to illuminate the Ducati Corse insigneia. Tough Matte Black Vinyl Sticker Easy Application UV Res..

Mityvac MV7201 Fluid / Oil Extractor and Dispenser27-Aug-2012

Mityvac 8.8 L Fluid Evacuator Dispenser At the push of a button, this versatile unit changes from vacuum to pressure for evacuating or dispensing fluids. This functionality makes it ideal for drai..

Mityvac MV8510 Pressure and Vacuum Hand Pump27-Aug-2012

Mityvac Silverline Elite Vacuum and Pressure Hand Pump -New Tool- Perfect for : Pistol grip pump for single handed operation Generates both pressure and vacuum with precision Quality manuf..

Mityvac MV7400 Fluid / Oil Extractor26-Aug-2012

Mityvac 7.3 L Fluid Evacuator Vacuum is created quickly and efficiently by manual pump operation, offering superior mobility by eliminating the need for electricity or compressed air. The MV7400 i..

Mityvac Professional Fuel System Pressure and Flow Tester FST PRO -MV554524-Aug-2012

We have just finished adding the FST Pro to our site The Mityvac Fuel System Test Kit Pro, MV5545 FST PRO, revolutionizes automotive diagnostics by combining fuel pressure and flow testing wit..

Mityvac Motorbike Cooling System Pressure Test Kit22-Aug-2012

We just received our new shipment of Motorbike cooling system pressure test kits. What a gerat little tool, and obviousy being Mityvac (/suppliers/Mityvac.html) a quality tool. We will be..

New- Mityvac Professional Brake Bleeder27-Jul-2012

Quality mityvac product, Professional grade brake bleeder. The Mityvac compressed air operated MV6830 offers professional grade brake and clutch bleeding performance. This compact yet powerful..