Moffett Brothers Drift Through Work-site

Rally & Drift drivers Sam and Josh Moffett drifting around the Combilift Headquarters in a fashion resembling Ken Block.

Ken Block & Gymkhana

Ken Block was made famous when youtube videos of his driving went viral. He is known for the type of motorsport that he performs "Gymkhana", which involves very complex courses and requires drivers to skillfully maneuver their cars around the track using extreme acceleration, braking and drifting.

Gymkhana (Jim-Kah-Nuh) appears to be a name loaned from the equestrian discipline of gymkhana according to Wikipedia. However Ken Block's own videos suggest that the name may have come from Jim Conner a stunt driver from the 1980's.

To date, our favorite video by far is Ken Block's Ultimate Urban Playground: San Francisco:

To see more video's of Ken Block, you can go to the Ken Block Topic Page

Truck Explodes on Highway

On a Russian highway, a truck filled with propane cylinders explodes 39 times, each explosion more spectacular than the last. While we don't think anyone should have been anywhere near the accident filming, it makes for incredible viewing. We hope no one was harmed.