Dan Sullivan Electrical Training Webcast 03-Dec-2013

Setting the stage for further online training, Dan Sullivan is set to provide a webcast covering the electrical diagnostic philosophies that he has developed over the years. ..

Why Use an Ignition Analyzer27-Jun-2013

The ignition coil plays an important role in a combustion engines, and is used to create a high intensity spark that is distributed to each piston chamber to create the much needed burn. Modern ca..

Finding Parasitic Drains13-Jun-2013

Parasitic drains SUCK… customer complaints like, "car won't start after being lift for a few days" can be troublesome. Here are some steps to take to make diagnosing parasitic drains a ..

Understanding Automotive Relays16-May-2013

How Relays work and how to diagnose them Relays can be found all throughout a vehicle and come in assorted sizes, ratings, and applications. Relays are used as remote control switches. A typical..

How the LoadPro Test Leads Work / Make Diagnosing Easier11-Apr-2013

If you are looking for information on how the LoadPro Dynamic Test Leads work, you have come to the right place. Our website has loads of different formats that explain just how the LoadPro Test L..

Electrical Fault Finding 30-Mar-2013

Article video from the Australian Diesel Mechanic -March- Electrical Fault Finding During a recent training event we opened a discussion regarding the peculiar nature of electrical fault finding..

Testing Fuel Pressure and Flow 21-Sep-2012

Mityvac FST PRo Operation Mityvac MV5545 Training Video FST Pro Fuel System Test Kit Because fuel pressure is so critical to modern fuel ejection systems, current diagnostic techniques tend t..

Multimeter Use and Operation Training 10114-Sep-2012

Multimeter 101 Video Transcript When diagnosing electrical faults, It is important to understand what it is exactly you are measuring, and the relationship between each item of measurement. ..

Ford Falcon AUII Fault Code P1358 10-Jul-2012

P1358 Ignition System Diagnostic Monitor, all signs point to a faulty PCM, but how can you be sure. AUII ford Falcon Ute, below symptoms No Start No Spark No Injector Pulse Craking ..