• MV6830 Mityvac Air Brake Bleeder/Evacuator

    Mityvac Air Brake Bleeder/Evacuator

    $325.23 $468.93
    Sale Operated with compressed air this unit allows a one man operation. Evacuating or bleeding 1.9 liters per minute it will pull entrained air throughout the system protecting the master cylinder from mechanical damage as so often happens with peddle bleeding.
  • MV6835 Mityvac Vacuum Brake Bleed Kit

    Mityvac Vacuum Brake Bleed Kit

    $380.05 $546.26
    Sale With extended capabilities comes with a clamp on auto filling kit. the bleeder itself can evacuate 2 litres per minute.
  • MV6838 Mityvac Master Vacuum Bleed Kit

    Mityvac Master Vacuum Bleed Kit

    $545.60 $694.98
    Sale This unit has the lot including two refill kit styles to fit all makes and models of vehicles.
  • MV7201 Mityvac Fluid Evacuator Plus

    Mityvac Fluid Evacuator Plus

    $240.11 $324.12
    Sale The capacity and functions of this unit make it ideal for draining tanks. Accessories are included for draining engine oil or transmission fluid.
  • MV7400 Mityvac 7.3 L Fluid Evacuator

    Mityvac 7.3 L Fluid Evacuator

    $162.25 $234.95
    Sale This unit has many uses including resiviour and tank braining including engine oil and transmission fluid.
  • MV8000 Brake Bleeding Kit

    MV8000 Brake Bleeding Kit

    $104.50 $0.00
  • MV8121 Mityvac Superpump Vacuum Pump

    Mityvac Superpump Vacuum Pump Without Gauge

    $92.11 $107.80
    Sale Having a capacity of 32cc per stroke the unit is ideal for bleeding brakes and clutches or evacuating reservoirs