Misfire on direct injection LPG

Cam snapped !!

Metal to Calliper bracket

Brokes !!

How not to fix a battery clamp

Was to busy laughing at the cassette tape, then noticed the hose clamp and wire... thats a lot of effort for such a shit job

Customer Complaint: Engine died going down road and won't restart

What they didn't say, is the engine made a loud noise before they shut the truck off. Valve came apart and wedged itself in the top of the piston. Pieces of the valve went through the EGR system, and wound up damaging the other pistons. When the tech working on this engine (a Cummins ISB I think... PACCAR PX8) tried pushing the piston out of the cylinder, he had to use a jack and push the piston up from the bottom while it was lifting the front of the truck up.

BrokenER con rod

Mines better

Lowered Honda with no bash plate

Wore through parts of the sump and we assume, started to leak oil, customer "fixed it" with a bit of the old JB weld

Broken Con Rod

Smashed to bits

Loose wheel nuts

Ho can you possibly feel safe driving this on the road like that... safe enough for it to get that bad that is.

Loose Pulley

Not sure how long it had been ratteling around for, Car came in when it finally threw the belts off. BMW 1988 325i Crank Pulley

Broken clutch

Who needs 4 wheels?

Employee driving to work - front wheel overtook his Discovery on Bruce Hwy and sped past him doing 120km/hr. He forgot to tighten wheel nuts. Still got to work on time!

What happens when you ignore the noise your brakes are making for too long

What happens to a Fiat 500 oil pan when you hit a speed bump doing 50 KM/HR

Nearly new with only 2000 Ks on it. The thing about just about any repair on these is that you have to remove the engine to do it. Oil pan, exhaust manifold, ect.

Wait i need to be going that way !

Lucky man

VW Phaeton Recall

Under the Phaeton�s audio controls are two identical ashtrays/cointrays. Owners were complaining that they did not pop out at the same speed. Enough people complained to the poor VW dealerships that the manufacturer actually came up with a solution. Technical Solution 2013463, �Slow Opening Ashtrays�, instructs the tech to remove the ashtray assemblies, unscrew the J523 display unit above the ashtrays, place his hands inside the spaces where the ashtrays used to be, gently lift the J523 display, and reset the display down so that its weight is evenly distributed on top of the two ashtray assemblies.

Tyre Trouble

Turbo carnage

In case anyone was wondering this turbo is off an 8.1 liter John Deere engine

To much torque, (turbo 04 r32)

Time to do the brakes when the caliper piston hits the rotor...

Through and Through

This is why you dont use wheel spacers

Think it's time for a new pinion gear

The coldest air intake ever

AKA The puddle sucker

Thank you for not cleaning up your child's puke, sir. I thoroughly enjoyed the test drive stench.

Text from an apprentice "friend" of mine

face palm

Stop before you kill someone

Squeaking Brakes

Spotted in a car park

Took me a while to figure out the point. of this, Then realised it's a jeep.

So this happend ...

My old 350 spun a bearing.. .and bang

So THAT'S what coolant is supposed to look like.

So my mate accidently contaminated our solvent tank with A/C leak detection dye..

This is what it look like under black light

Snapped Cam

Took me a while to figure it out, I was standing there thinking, This just does not look right.... Then realised lobes where on funny angles, Took the cap off and there we go.

Slugged pick-up

Had had 3 oil changes in 100,000 k's

Silverado Flex plate failure

Rotor worn so thin its see-through

Planetary gear-set in transfer case

Customer left the car in 4wd for an extended period of time driving on bitchumen

Planetary Gear Set Failure

Break down tow in, Tow truck driver left trans in reverse with no oil being pumped to lube the gears and then boom

Pissed n broke (Piston Broke)