• 328 EZ Tach Plus

    EZ Tach Plus

    $102.95 $111.10
    Sale Reads engine from 0 - 20,000 RPM pick ups from Wireless or supplied inductive pick up. Built in flashlight fantastic for setting idle speeds
  • 332 Pro Laser Photo Tachometer

    Pro Laser Photo Tachometer

    $157.50 $165.00
    Sale Aim the laser beam at a reflective mark placed on a rotating surface. Simply push the button and the reading is immediately displayed. Can detect RPM from 1.8m and measure up to 99,999RPM.
  • TA110 Optical Tachometer/Counter

    Optical Tachometer/Counter

    $172.83 $204.25
    Sale Measures 1 to 99999RPM, maximum minimum memory recall function, requires reflective make on rotating surface.