• 162 Digital TyrePressure Gauge

    Digital TyrePressure Gauge

    $34.32 $37.58
    Sale Reads in PSI KPa or Bar with a backlit LCD display and a built in led flashlight for night time readings.
  • 701 Professional Vacuum and Fuel Pump Tester

    Professional Vacuum and Fuel Pump Tester

    $50.05 $57.85
    Sale With a large dial measuring 0-30 inch Hg vacuum and 0-10 psi this tester is ideal for checking manifold vacuum, leaky valves, fuel pump condition and gas line leakage.
  • 702 Professional Compression Tester

    Professional Compression Tester

    $42.64 $69.87
    Sale This tester is essential for diagnosing Burnt valves, Broken rings, Worn or damaged pistons, scored cylinders, leaking head gaskets etc. The gauge measures up to 300 psi and comes with a straight, a flexible burn resistant hose, adaptors for 14/18mm plugs, a rubber multi fitting and snap on connectors.