Torque specs? Loctite? What are those?

The bolt holding the stub shaft to the gear wasnt tightened, and over time the shaft slowly walked off of the bolt. once it fell out and down into the lower half of the engine, it knocked around and fucked up the rods (I dont know how this didnt make a loud noise, but i didnt hear any noise). The sucking noise was probably because oil was pouring out of the hole left by that gear so fast that it couldnt get back down into the pan fast enough, and the pickup was sucking in air. The reason it made a whining noise was because those gears in the oil pump werent lining up right due to not being bolted to the shaft correctly. All of these problems were made worse because someone jacked it up by the oil pan and dented the pickup. Also it might be noted that most of the bolts to the oil pan were finger tight.

I can't comprehend the noise this must've made...

There are holes in three pistons from hitting the valves, some of the valves broke off completely. #4 piston simply doesn't exist any more. The connecting rod on #4 is fucked. Also, there's a hole through the block. The result of a 'money shift', (where a manual transmission car is revved up real high in third gear, for example, and instead of hitting fourth, the driver accidently jams it into second).

35's and a 10 year old abused pinion gear