Customer complained that they heard a noise this morning

Continental O-300 piston, Lobe out of spec, bent the valve, ruined the cam.

In an Air-Boat, The cam was machined improperly. One lobe, for what ever reason, was to big, out of phase, off center could be any one.

Con Rod Exit, Via Oil Filter

Tractor engine threw a rod, happened to go straight out through the oil filter mounting and then oil filter itself

Classic backyard exhaust fix, made me chuckle

Car Art in Dust

These guys should be doing something better with their time.

Built 4g63 (Evo 8/9) snaps OEM crank

this one came in with a "loud noise while running" and oil pressure idiot light on. yes, it would start & run like this :o

Brakes in the sand truck were grinding, among other issues.

Another Ruined Pump Part. We call this a Balance Piece

Its for a power plant Boiler Feedwater Pump Balancing Line, and no.. .its not supposed to look like that

Another Fancy Drain Plug

A Mans Washup Sink

Recycled transmission for a sink in the Man Cave bathroom

2011 Nissan Nivara, Broken turbo shaft

Suspect oil contamination caused excessive wear on turbo shaft bearing and shaft snapped. . you can kinda sea the excessive wear on the shaft Symptoms, No power, blowing black smoke. NOTE, Vehicle only had 14,000 k's !

2006 Audi A6 refused to change gear

"My 6th gear doesn't work...."

"Just because it's called no more gaps... does not mean there are no more gaps sir"

"So I heard an egg fries and expands in the coolant n' can fix a radiator leak." "Yeah, but this is a big leak." "That's okay, I have a lot of eggs."

48,000 k's. "I think I need my brakes checked out..."

"Oh there's no way my motor would jump timing after 20,000k between oil changes" did in a bad way

Vtc locks causing it to run lean due to oil starvation, chain stretches , customer keeps driving until the plug ends up looking like that and the car quits. Likely got caught between valve and the piston

"It won't move. I think the trans is dead"

Customer Complait "Squeak from LHF every now and then"

"Engine Lacks Power"

Was expecting to look for a blacked cat, Didn't even notice right away, was to busy thinking of more complicated faults... Keep it simple stupid !!

Customer Topped the water up.. In the engine "thingy"...... then drove in

I emptied about 20 liters of water from the engine... didn't emulsify much of it either ??

Customer Complaint "Car smells funny.. kinda like chicken...?"

Mechanics Report "Removed chicken from engine bay"

"Flat tyre, meh, the mechanics only 30k's away"

People amaze me, the vehicle had a complete tool kit, jack, and perfectly good spare!!


It was a tumor

Yeah I think it needs a belt

Brakes nearly through to rotor vents !

Inspection holes. Is mine better?

Worn out brakes

Meter to metal to metal to vent to workshop

Better Than "CLEAN ME", Written in dirt

Spotted while on holiday, 1000 points for effort, Spotted this on the road, Would much rather this than the usual "Clean me" or "Dirty Driver" and so on

Inspection holes x 2

all the way through

Battery Corrosion

Worn out brake rotor.. another worn out brake rotor

Well, there's your problem...

I think I found the squeek

Air Bag Deployment

Obviously she was not putting make up on when she crashed the vehicle, As you can see, she probably had no make up left

I see your "Broken Con Rod" and raise you my smashed con rod

AC Clutch Bearing Faluire

Customer Complaint "Noise at idle"

Vibration above 20kph

Tyre balance fail, The tyre shop must have had the work experience kid do it. VW Golf

Valve Meets Piston.... again and again

I just filled my tyres, Can you please check them ?

Literally filled her tyres !!! 103psi on each corner

A mate of mine car, after driving around with worn brakes for a year

I finally convinced him to let me take a peek, with "you or someone is probably going to die"