Over-boosted supercharged mustang engine

on the back of a piece of Integra trim...

Not quite sure what they are getting at there ??

Now this is a f'ed piston

New workshop lights, Spot the differance

New Inspection Hole added

My reseal kit also came with Genuine MB water

When doing top end reseals on E63 AMG's, I always use 0.499 liters of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Drinking Water

More worn out brakes

You really have to wonder how this can happen

Mk4 VW timing belt tensioner eating at engine mount.

Built in timing belt stretch indicator

Micro power module death

Looks like the magical smoke got out...

Melted Piston

4JJ1 out of a 2006 Holden Rodeo, CRD, #1 Injector failed (pintle cap) and flooded cylinder ...and melting piston. Customer Complaint = started getting a bit sluggish, then stopped, wont restart

Meanwhile in Russia

magnetic particle inspection

Always find these cool

Knock, Knock

It just got a little bit hot

It came in because the customer blew a hose. He said he didnt get it hot, but as you can see it got bloody hot and melted that hole as well as the piston.

Is this bad?

Its an M271 Mercedes C230K, 1.8L supercharged 4cyl BTW. Valve spring retainer wasn't fitted right from the factory.

How repair a bumper

Spotted this outside wolies on my way home

How far will a 2011 Mercedes ML320 go without changing the oil?

Answer - 28968.2 k's

Home-made cold air intake on a first gen MR2

Spotted at the local school,. It's all gutter material wrapped in red duct-tape to blend in with the car.

Header tank cap? Nah bro, a gardening glove and rubber band will do just fine

Handbrake cable snagged drive shaft, Vehicle came to an abrupt stop

Guy drops in to get a tune up after is DIY "Cold Air Induction" mod

Grabbed 2nd on a 5th gear downshift

Game over Diff

Fouled Plug

Worst I have seen in a while

Forgot to take motor of TDC when installing head

Now don't I feel like an idiot, spent my whole life leaching apprentices to pay attention to what they are doing .

Facebook Car Diagnosis

Evo 8 4g63 @35psi, Stretched Head Stud

The crank was fine, squished the bearings a bit though. tossed in a new set of rings, bearings, studs & a headgasket. machined the head & its still running. car was running E-85. motor & turbo can handle the boost/power, but that fuel, while having higher limits, has a smaller threshold/margin of safety making it unforgiving at the limit. unfortunately this customer got a bad batch. E-85 in so-cal varies from 70-85% ethanol & with the low quality of our premium it is blended with it makes a big difference on a motor at these power levels.

Drove over an axe on the freeway

Luckily nobody was sitting in the passenger seat !

DPF Failure

This is a diesel particulate filter out of a 2008 Hino 268. It looks like an impact to the exterior broke the filter substrate, then the chunks just bounced around in there, clogging the rest of the filter with bits and pieces. Out of warranty, $3800

DIY Cold air intake

Just let me know if you want one, i will get you his number

Diff Exploded

Customer -Strange noise when trying to stop...

Customer states car suddenly lost brakes. Check and advise.

Customer states, no crank, no start. Check and advise.

I will just whack it on charge

Customer States Brakes "Feel Funny" 2010 F-250

2010 F-250 Used by a landscaping company. This is the driver front caliper, which seized completely, to the point they ground through the entire pad, and the metal back of the pad. It got to the point where the caliper blew out, and when you step on the brake, fluid comes rushing out. Only had like 18,000 k's.

Customer says he thinks its running hot. Id say so!

This was on an APU ( auxiliary power unit) on a semi. The water pump failed and non of the fail safe sensors caught it running hot. It also melted the air box and almost all the wiring.

Customer fitted his own pads

Came is saying since he did his pads his car is pulling right, just wants it checked out

Customer dives over screwdriver on highway

Customer Complaint Overheating

No wonder

Customer Complaint -Engine clunked violently and then died

Lexus 1UZ-FE engine from a 1997 Lexus LS series. Pretty amazing engine in it's time.